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Past issues

RTNS08 : Rennes (France), PC chair : Pascale Minet (INRIA-Rocquencourt/Hipercom, France)
RTNS07 : Nancy (France), PC chair : Isabelle Puaut (University of Rennes/IRISA, France)
RTNS06 : Poitiers (France), PC chair : Guy Juanole(LAAS, Toulouse, France) and Pascal Richard (LISI, Poitiers, France)
RTS05 : Paris (France), PC chair : Nicolas Navet (LORIA, Nancy, France)
RTS04 : Paris (France),PC chair : Joel Goossens (University of Bruxelles, Belgium)
RTS01 : Paris (France), PC chair : Z. Mammeri (IRIT, UPS Toulouse, France)
RTS00: Paris (France), Francis Cottet (LISI, ENSMA, Poitiers)
RTS03, RTS02, RTS, RTS99, RTS98, RTS97, RTS96, RTS95, RTS94, RTS93 : no official website