RTNS’09 Conference Program

17th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems (RTNS 2009)




  • The conference proceedings can be found here.
  • MONDAY 26 OCTOBER 2009


    09:00-09:30    Registration


    09:30-9:45      Welcome


    9:45-10:45      Uniprocessor Scheduling

                            Session Chair: Pascale Minet


    ·         François Dorin, Pascal Richard, Michaël Richard and Joël Goossens (Slides of the presentation)
    Uniprocessor Schedulability and Sensitivity Analysis of Multiple Criticality Tasks with Fixed-Priorities

    ·         Robert Davis, Thomas Rothvoß, Sanjoy Baruah and Alan Burns (Slides of the presentation)
    Quantifying the Sub-optimality of Uniprocessor Fixed Priority Pre-emptive Scheduling for Sporadic Tasksets with Arbitrary Deadlines


    10:45-11:15    Break


    11:15-12:30    Timing Analysis

                            Session Chair: Mikael Nolin


    ·         Michael Zolda, Sven Bünte and Raimund Kirner (Slides of the presentation)
    Towards Adaptable Control Flow Segmentation for Measurement-Based Execution Time Analysis

    ·         Damien Hardy and Isabelle Puaut (Slides of the presentation)
    Estimation of cache-related migration delays for multi-core processors with shared instruction caches

    ·         Haluk Ozaktas, Karine Heydemann, Christine Rochange and Hugues Cassé (Slides of the presentation)
    Impact of Code Compression on Estimated Worst-Case Execution Times


    12:30-14:00    Lunch


    14:00-15:30    Keynote Speaker: Enrico Bini, Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy

                             Real-Time Scheduling for Control Systems (Slides of the presentation)


    15:30-16:00    Break


    16:00-17:15    Networks

                            Session Chair: Joël Goossens


    ·         David Espes and Zoubir Mammeri (Slides of the presentation)
    QoS-aware Routing for Real-Time and Multimedia Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    ·         Zheng Shi and Alan Burns (Slides of the presentation)
    Improvement of Schedulability Analysis with a Priority Share Policy in On-Chip Networks

    ·         Saoucene Mahfoudh and Pascale Minet (Slides of the presentation)
    Node activity scheduling in wireless sensor networks


    19:00              Social Event on the Eiffel Tower 




    TUESDAY  27 OCTOBER 2009



    09:00-10:30    Resource Management

                            Session Chair: Sanjoy Baruah


    ·         Attila Zabos, Robert I. Davis, Alan Burns and Michael Gonzalez Harbour (Slides of the presentation)
    Spare Capacity Distribution Using Exact Response-Time Analysis

    ·         Toufik Sarni, Audrey Queudet and Patrick Valduriez (Slides of the presentation)
    Software Transactional Memory: Worst Case Execution Time Analysis

    ·         Alfons Crespo, Ismael Ripoll, Patricia Balbastre, Miguel Masmano and Alan Burns (Slides of the presentation)
    Contract based management of the memory resource

    10:30-11:00    Break


    11:00-12:30    Design Optimization

                            Session Chair: Serge Midonnet


    ·         Nathan Fisher (Slides of the presentation)
    An FPTAS for Interface Selection in the Periodic Resource Model

    ·         Caroline Lu, Jean-Charles Fabre and Marc-Olivier Killijian (Slides of the presentation)
    An approach for improving Fault-Tolerance in Automotive Modular Embedded Software

    ·         Tanguy Le Berre, Philippe Mauran, Gérard Padiou and Philippe Quéinnec (Slides of the presentation)
    A Data Oriented Approach for Real-Time Systems


    12:30-14:00    Lunch - Student Best Paper Award


    14:00-15:00    Multiprocessor Scheduling

                            Session Chair: Alan Burns


    ·         Shelby Funk and Vijaykant Nadadur (Slides of the presentation)
    LRE-TL: An Optimal Multiprocessor Algorithm for Sporadic Task Sets

    ·         Vandy Berten and Joel Goossens (Slides of the presentation)
    Multiprocessor Global Scheduling on Frame-Based DVFS Systems


    15:00-15:30    Break


    15:30-17:00    Junior Workshop Presentations


    17:00-17:30    Junior Workshop Posters




    Keynote Speaker

    Enrico Bini: Real-Time Scheduling for Control Systems (Slides of the presentation)

    Schedulability analysis consists of performing a guarantee test to verify whether a given scheduling algorithm is able to execute a set of real-time tasks within their deadlines, assuming their values are known and given in advance. However, at a design stage, it is not always clear how task deadlines should be assigned to best meet the system requirements.

    Also, in Fixed Priority scheduling the process of assigning priorities is often driven by the relative "importance" of the tasks in the application. However, there may be very important tasks that could run with lower priority, as well as less important tasks that are sensitive to delay that would require to run at higher priority.

    The problem of assigning performance parameters (such as priorities, deadlines or periods) is that their effect is difficult to measure quantitatively in terms of application requirements.

    Control systems represent a case in which measuring the performance is possible and there are techniques that relate stability, speed of convergence, and sampling error to performance requirements.

    This talk presents an overview of the techniques that can be used to design control systems taking performance requirements into account since a design stage. Extending such methods to other application fields is also discussed.